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Two Months That Will Make Your Year!


The Pilates Challenge: 30 classes in 60 days

Yes, You Can.






Kahty DesRoches
Kathy Desroches


"When my husband mentioned the Pilates challenge earlier this year, I have to admit, I was not a fan. I had been to two classes, both advanced, and didn’t like it. I told him if he bought me the membership for Christmas I would go.


Frankly, I was skeptical, a new body in 60 days? At first I thought Pilates was a fluke but now I’m a convert. I’ll tell anyone who will listen about it has lessened my migraines. I still may have one a week but it’s a lot better than five!"


Lauren Hannum


"I had talked to some other people who have been doing Pilates for a while and they said after "The Challenge" they really saw a difference. I am not to much for going to the gym- I usually feel self-conscious, but ever since I began Pilates I have felt comfortable and even excited to come to classes. The Challenge seemed like a perfect way to be more active this summer. I initially joined to strengthen my knee, hip and IT band, but I'm really looking forward to seeing my core strength improve. I have specific expectations for myself during The Challenge, to be more focused and dedicated."


" I can definitely see a difference in my body and others have noticed too! I feel stronger and the exercises are a little easier for me now plus I can feel the strength coming from my core instead of my back and neck. I have had so many issues with my knee, hip and IT band, but now I'm back to running without muscle spasms and as much discomfort as I have been experiencing this year. I loved that through out The Challenge, new exercises were introduced to challenge me more."

Ken Hopf


"I wanted to become more familiar with Pilates and I also wanted it to motivate my wife and I to be more active. I would like to see improvements in my balance and flexibility."


"I definitely feel like I am much more familiar with Pilates and I feel better when I move. I think about using my core more when I do anything. My flexibility has improved and the balance is getting there. I lost my balance mostly from a hip replacement, so it will take some time, but I do feel some positive changes and that is good!"

Cathy Hopf


"I want to kick start my husband and myself into a fitness routine. I would like to improve my strength, balance and mobility. My biggest expectation is learning how to exercise correctly so I don't injure myself which will lead to prolonged fitness for me."


"The Challenge ABSOLUTELY kick started us into a fitness routine! By attending classes more than once a week we were really able to feel the results much sooner. The stretching, Pilates movements and the Roll and Release really makes you aware of how tight your muscles are. Over time I have noticed better flexibility and mobility. By working on my core in Pilates and learning the proper way to hold my body, I am also noticing that I can now pick up my grandson without throwing my back out! 

I learned so much about exercising correctly! The instructors really take the time to make sure you aren't doing it wrong therefore preventing me from putting strain on all of my weak areas in my back and neck. This is why I keep coming back. Other classes I've done don't do that, then I throw my back out and can't exercise for a month. I don't even have hip and leg pain now when I walk!"



Michelle Fischer

"It is so important for me to stay fit in my off season as a professional gardener and landscaper. The Pilates Challenge was the perfect practice for me to stay in shape and not to lose my muscle tone. After 30 classes in 60 days I feel great.

The instructors took the time to work with me on my weak areas and it has made all the difference in the way I move and in my everyday posture. Having a fitness goal is not an easy endeavor however the instructors at Concord Pilates gave me encouragement to reach my goal."



Feel Great - Look Great

Set Up A Lifetime of Health


Of all the programs we run at Concord Pilates, the one that has the most dramatic impact on the bodies and minds of all participants is our Pilates Challenge. Two months of consistent training leads to intense focus so you quickly see and feel the effects on your body. And…it’s fun! No - really, it is.

Not only do you start to see and feel results almost immediately (which is always fun!), but the challenge is designed to foster community. You won’t be going it alone. You’ll make friends and get support and encouragement from other like-minded people who are there doing what you are doing: taking control of their health and their lives.


We will help you set up your schedule and go over your goals, and you’ll get a reward at the end (because who doesn’t love rewards?). And by the end of two months, you’ll have new and better habits, along with a new outlook on life! We promise, these two months will kick start your fitness regimen like nothing else.


When is it happening? 


The Pilates Challenge is happening this summer: 


July 1 – August 31


How does it work? 
  • Practice Pilates 30 times in 60 days - at our studio

  • ANY Pilates class will count towards the challenge! You can come to a mat class, an equipment class, an independent practice, and have a private session one week, and they will all count!


Why should I do the Challenge?

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference,
in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference,
and in 30 sessions you’ll have a brand new body.”

Joseph Pilates


  • At the end of this challenge you WILL FEEL and SEE a different body. One that moves better. Your midsection will be more toned and stronger, your joints and back will feel better and you will have a ton of energy! Promise!

  • It's FUN! We have a great group of people who are supportive of each other and motivating when you need it. Everyone is working towards the same goal! 

  • It is perfect for Pilates newbies. The challenge will be the perfect way to help you be consistent in your practice. When the challenge is over, you will have results and love the way you feel enough to want to continue on the road to a life of better health and happiness.

  • It is perfect for someone who has been doing Pilates for a while. This is your opportunity to step up your game and get your most desirable results. The challenge will keep you inspired to come to class and at the end of 60 days, you will enjoy your new body.

  • Since you can attend ANY Pilates class, the challenge is great for ALL LEVELS!

 “If you will faithfully perform your contrology [Pilates] exercises
regularly only four times a week for just three months,…,
you will find your body development approaching the ideal,
accompanied by renewed mental vigor and spiritual enhancement.” 
Joseph Pilates


Reasons our clients did the Challenge:


  • "I am beginning to get into shape and feel stronger. I want to challenge myself to continue the progress I am making weekly. My goal is to become stronger and lose some weight. The body and core strength is most important at this point." ~ Susan Golden


  • "I joined the Pilates Challenge because I would like to get back into better shape. A few years ago, I did Pilates faithfully three times a week and never felt better about myself. I would like to again feel good about myself while becoming more flexible and more toned. Pilates is great for my body, heart and soul!" ~ Kris S.


  • "I want to complete the challenge because I love how Pilates connects my mind to my body. It makes me focus on what I am doing and where I am; I want to complete the challenge because I want to be stronger in 2012 and going forward." ~ Mary Kate Ryan


  • " I enjoy challenging myself physically and want a stronger core to help me with my long distance running. Plus, I love your Pilates classes!"



Okay, I'm ready! How can I be part of it?


  • If this is your first time at the studio, please schedule your free New Client Consultation right away. This way we can make sure you're prepared for the Challenge and know what it entails. We want you to get the most out of it.

  • Register by filling out the form below! It's that easy!

  • Plan your classes and sessions. We can help with this. Just give us a call.


How much do classes cost during the Challenge?

All classes and sessions are charged at their regular fee. For any questions about joining, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you! Together we will create the perfect Pilates Challenge for you! 

Fill out this registration form:

amy goldstein

"I want to kick my Pilates practice up a notch! I have been coming three times a week and accepting The Challenge gives me the incentive and guidelines to go up a class or two to get me to the next level in Pilates. Also, I would like to have Pilates posture without thinking about it."


"I can definitely say that The Challenge gave me the incentive to come to class FIVE days a week! A habit I hope to be able to continue! My body awareness has definitely become more focused and my posture is on it's way!"

Amy Goldstein

Melissa Coppola


"I joined The Challenge to give myself a fitness goal for July-August, before I become very busy with school and work in the fall. I want to see improvement in my overall core strength and stronger arms. I am going into nursing and at the end of my CPR class my arms were TOAST! I would also like to have better posture. I want to feel better by the end and I would like to develop the tools for maintaining my own practice when my schedule gets too busy in the fall."


"The classes fit my schedule well and I like having a goal to work towards. I find having a goal gets you to exercise even on a day when your tired or have a headache and feel like napping instead. I always feel better after class, no matter how I felt before. I've noticed The Challenge has improved my posture in standing, walking and even driving! My core is stronger and I've also become more aware of my weaknesses. My arms are stronger, too. I am hoping to keep up my Pilates practice on my own and at least come to class once a week."